Knowing More Information about Different Types of Tea

Today you can find various types of tea in the market. Do you know more information about tea? Which type of tea is your favorite?

Long time ago, people thought that green and black tea is produced from two different plants, actually, all tea is produced from a plant called Camellia sinensis. But why does tea have so many types? It is due to the diverse region it was grown, the different time of year picked, and the complicated processing method.

Each type of tea has its own characteristics including a different taste, differing health benefits, and even different levels of caffeine. Here are several types of tea I will introduce to you.

White Tea-White tea is one of the most famous teas in China and is the world’s rarest tea as it can only be picked before the leaf buds fully open and are still covered with fine silky hairs. It originated in the Chinese province of Fujian. This kind of tea is the purest and least processed of all teas and it has very little caffeine and brews a light color and flavor. Of all the kinds of tea, white tea is the least popular in the west, although in China and other parts of Asia it is considered to be a delicacy.

Green Tea-Green tea is another well-known type and also offers great health benefits too. In some parts of Asia like China and Japan, green tea is grown and highly consumed. The processing of green tea is similar to that of white tea in that it does not oxidize. Green tea is made from unoxidized leaves which are simply heated after picking to destroy the enzymes that cause oxidation. Some loose green teas are scented with flowers or mixed with fruits to create scented or flavored teas.

Black Tea-Black tea is the tea most people know since you likely grew up dipping tea bags of black tea in your cup. It is the most commonly consumed tea in the world especially in the west and is the most processed of the four types. This kind of tea is unlike green tea, it is a fermented tea, which is harvested and dried that gives black teas their characteristic flavour. This tea retains its flavours for several years while green tea usually loses its flavour within a year.

Oolong Tea-Some people called oolong tea “black dragon”. Oolong tea is produced in China and Taiwan, its leaves selected for the production of it are processed directly after being plucked. It is a semi-fermented tea, a cross between green and black teas, which is widely prized for its digestive benefits. This category of tea contains moderate quantities of caffeine.

For above information, we can distinguish these types of tea one by one. Now find out which one is your right tea!

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