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Why Do People Drink Tea?

Why do people drink tea? It’s an age-old question that has no single answer. Some people drink tea purely for the taste, others drink tea for its elusive health-benefits and the rest of us probably drink tea from the office vending machines at work for an afternoon pick-me-up. Regardless of why people drink tea, the [...] Read more
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Is This Simple Drink Nature’s Most Powerful Anti-oxidant?

The news today is all about the extraordinary growth of the Chinese economy, but is there a danger that in importing Western affluence the Chinese may also import our levels of the characteristic diseases of affluence – obesity, diabetes, heart attack, stroke and even cancer? Perhaps, but probably not, so long as traditional Chinese medicine Read more

Stay Healthy Drink Tea!

Did you know that tea comes second to water as the most popular drink on the planet? Many people look for tea very early in the morning, almost after waking up, they drink tea for breakfastbefore going to work, they need their tea when holding a meeting to energize them, when driving home, at home [...] Read more


The world of tea is massive; there are many varieties of tea that can be overwhelming. There can be no morning without tea, it not only enlightens you by refreshing you but also makes you active. There are basically four types of tea, white, black, oolong and green. Now the question is what is organic [...] Read more

Special Green Drink Cocktails That Can Change Your Life

Green drink cocktails are now becoming popular anywhere especially among health fanatics. The hype that goes along the well publicized benefits of green tea is one of the many factors for the popularity of green drinks. Green drink cocktails are made up of powdered green plants, vegetables and other herbs that work together to compensate [...] Read more

Green Tea-a Relaxing Drink

Since ancient times, green tea was a highly prized beverage in the Orient. There are even elaborate tea-drinking ceremonies held in the Orient and especially in Japan. At first, it was a seasonal drink and as such, quite expensive. This is because green tea is harvested from the tealeaves and buds that can only be [...] Read more

Green Tea is a Great Health Drink

Green tea is one of the best health drinks around. In fact, the Chinese have used this for more than 4,000 years which is why we should drink it as well and experience its benefits. The benefits of drinking green tea include regulating your blood sugar, preventing certain cancers, fighting plaque, lowering your cholesterol and [...] Read more

Your Nutritious Drink Day-to-day

Despite being conscious of its benefits, many of us undermines the habit of drinking green tea. Aside fro being an effective appetizer, this herbal tea is undeniably excellent in treating various know health conditions. It targets organs that get plagued over the years due to unhealthy diet and food habits. Green tea is also better [...] Read more

3 Compelling Reasons To Drink Green Tea Every Day

The are quite a few reasons to drink green tea. In Asia, the peoples there have been drinking the tea for thousands of years. For some years now, green tea has attracted the efforts of scientists to discover why it’s so healthy. People are now taking green tea to lose weight, prevent diseases and detoxify [...] Read more

Drink weight loss tea to have a chiseled body

The speed with which the lifestyle changes are taking place is contributing towards unhealthy eating and less physical activities leading to obesity and overweight in majority of persons these days. In addition, owing to the increased work pressure in the workplaces is also leading to a decrease in quality time spent on proper eating habits. [...] Read more
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